Same Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car

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Same Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car

same day taj mahal tour by car


Probably there is no other theme tour besides the Same Day Agra Tour by car as it will give the full-fledged glimpse of monuments which belong to the Mughals and existing about last 500 years. This tour is quintessential for those who have the keen desire to explore amazing monuments which have a unique recognition in the pages of history and in the minds of travelers as well, in a very short span of time. Though the magical allure of Taj Mahal attracts the visitors Agra city is also peppered with some forts, mausoleums and many small museums. Spending some time in this city can be the most amazing and unforgettable time of one's life and it can be truly worthwhile.

During this tour, tourists will come across various beautiful things or souvenirs which could be bought as a décor item for the home. Agra city has its own respect in the India as it serves as the capital of the India during the colonial period of Mughals. This city has amazing grandeur, glory, and history, it's my personal experience that after admiring the beauty of the monuments of this city tourists found spell-bound.

The itinerary of this Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car is as follows:

  • 06:00 AM- Pick up From Delhi

    If you want a great day of your life than you have to leave the bed as early as possible and at the given or scheduled time our one of the best drivers will receive you from your desired location in comfortable Car and take you to the city of Taj via India's one of the fastest Expressway. And from that very moment, your tour begins.

  • 10:00 AM- Taj Mahal

    As soon as you enter in Agra city, I recommend you to have some heavy breakfast and then start exploring monuments. Our first milestone is Taj Mahal, this is really very beautiful and is entitled with the wonder of the World. This great symbol of love was built by Emperor Shah Jahan, in the loving memory of his wife. Every day except Fridays, thousands of visitors visit this mausoleum and found themselves smitten with it. This amazing monument has many fountains and gardens which are perfect for a family picnic. This monument shows the perfect blend of Islamic and Hindu artifacts. The work done on the walls and the things used in making this vision accomplish is outstanding.

  • 12:00 PM- Agra Fort

    Agra city is also embedded with a humongous fort, which is also an amazing stop for the fun seekers. This fort serves as the main residence of the members of the royal family but nowadays it is a museum which holds the belongings of erstwhile Emperors of India. There are many halls and rooms in this fort which depicts the perfect artwork. From the terrace of this Fort one can see its sister monument that is Taj Mahal. Same as the Taj Mahal this fort also has some amazing work and all it wants a word uttered from the mouth is 'wow'.

  • 02:00 PM- Time for Lunch

    After exploring these world heritage sites, it's time to taste some well culinary skills of Agra in any of the restaurant or as a buffet in any of the hotel. If you want to have some rest when you can have it and after that, we will resume this amazing day and explore the last monument or World heritage site.

  • 03:00 PM- Fatehpur Sikri

    On this amazing tour of India's amazing monuments, Fatehpur Sikri is can be the last halt. This city is situated on the outskirts of Agra about 50 km, it has various buildings which want a simply an open-minded glance. The Buland Darwaza of this city is the main center of attraction and it is said that it is one of the largest gates in Asia. There are also other very beautiful architectures like Panch Mahal, tourists those who knew about it they have a keen desire to see it and they want to praise the work which is done on it.

  • 07:00 PM- Back To Delhi

    By this time, it can be called that we had a really very good and noteworthy day, which can be worth remembered in the whole last long life. Also, by this time tourists have ample amount of memories captured either in the cameras or in the smartphones. That's all for a day.

  • Note: This tour does not applicable on Fridays.

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