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Same Day Taj Mahal Tour By Car

same day taj mahal tour by car


Travelling is the only things which gives education and experience at the same time and a leisure traveler grasp all the information passionately. The whole World is full of many beautiful things but one monument can never be defeated by any other one that is Taj Mahal. This symbol of passion and true love is situated on the bank of the River Yamuna. The fascinating aura, distinctive architecture, and colorful inlay work put visitors in amazement no matter from where they are. The intricate carvings and glittering marble depict the beauty which cannot be stated in simple words.
Agra city has the utmost number of World Heritage site in India, which are Agra Fort, FatehpurSikri. And Sikandraand baby Taj are the other main attractions of the city. There are some treasures hidden in the woods which gives the most pleasing view of the Taj like MehtaabBaagh, and Taj Nature Walk. These parks are so clean and green that one can spend a whole day in grasping the beauty of the monument. Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car can give thetourwith the pleasure to experience the essence of these monuments.

Day Wise Itinerary

  • 06:00 AM

    One of our best drivers will pick-up you from the hotel which you want and from that very moment your journey of an amazing day starts from there. You will be brought Agra via Yamuna Expressway in just 2 and half hours. It is one of the fastest expressways of India. Having a road drive on this expressway is itself an amazing tour.

  • 09:00 AM

    As you reach Agra, you will be introduced to our trained Guide. If you want to taste the best and delicious, spicy breakfast of Agra than you can have it. Our first milestone on this amazing trip is The Taj Mahal, at the right moment as you enter the domed gateway, you will be able to have a mesmerizing view of this undisputable monument. The structure of this monument is very enchanting and wrapped in the beauty which depicts the love of Mughal Royal couple. It was built by Great Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The elephantine area of this monument is quintessential for a picnic with thefamily.

  • 01:00 PM

    After spending a couple of hours, in grasping the ravishing beauty of this monument, it's time to taste well and delicious culinary skills of Agra in lunch. The well culinary skills Agra gets from the chefs, who cook food for the Royal dignitaries of Mughal Empire.

  • 02:30 PM

    After having lunch, next milestone is Agra Fort. This was served as the main residence of the royal members of the Mughal Empire, but nowadays it is a museum which holds the belongings of erstwhile rulers. This is also known as the sister monument to the Taj. About few km from Taj Mahal this monument is standing on the either bank of River Yamuna, from the terrace of this monument one can have a clear view of Taj Mahal. The structure of this Fort is so huge that one can lost in it, it was said that the son of Shah Jahan captivates him in one of the halls of this monument. Have some awesome moments there and move to next place.

  • 03:45 PM

    The last place which wants onetime exploration is FatehpurSikri, this is a city which serves the capital to the Mughal Empire in that era. It has various amazing monuments like BulandDarwaza, PanchMahal and much more. A visit to this city never puts down the expectations of a traveler. This city situated on the outskirts of Agra about 50 KM away. Without having a tour of this city one cannot say that they explored Agra wholy. The important thing is that all the above sights are world heritage sites and every traveler wants to explore them.

  • 06:00 PM

    After having a plethora of moments of joyous, and after capturing some awesome moments in camera, this is the time to say goodbye to this city and you will be taken back to Delhi. A touristadmires the various beautiful things and explores some amazing facts related to Indian history. This tour will always give knowledge and experience to the visitors.
    Note: This tour does not applicable on Fridays because it is only open for Muslims who came to offer their prayers as the Taj Mahal is a mausoleum.

  • Note: This tour does not applicable on Fridays.

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