Desert Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair

The most popular fair of rajasthan is the pushkar camel fair. It is held every year at the time of full moon. It is not only a fair for camel trading but a tryst with good time and merry making for all. For all the 7 days a prescheduled format is made and everything is done in the mela ground only. Tents are set up for guests to stay who comes to visit this place by different hotels.

28th October to November 1st is celebrated as the Pushkar cattle fair. Lots of lots of camel come to this fair and they are dressed well. The beauty contest and the camel race is conducted for camels. This carnival is full of array of musicians, magicians, dancers, snake charmers and folk singers.

On 2nd and 3rd November Pushkar cultural fair will be celebrated. These are the days when most of the cultural activities takes place.

On 4th of November Pushkar fair is going to be held. This is the most holy day for hindus and they take a dip in the holy pond of pushkar. Although it is not recommended for tourists as the crowd is much more than the other days. People believed that this day is holy and thus from far and near hindu comes to take a bath here. The culture here is all fascinating and miraculous.

Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Many fairs and festivals are celebrated all the year round in India. The people here celebrate each and every festival with great spirit and enthusiasm. Most popular fair in Rajasthan is the desert fair of Jaisalmer. This is celebrated every year in the month of February for three consecutive days. The dates are a bit flexible as it is basically organised just three days before full moon. This year it was celebrated from 8th to 10th February. So do check the dates for this fair before being part of it. It showcases some of the most preserved tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

The cultural events which took place in this three day fair is basically comprised of folk dance and songs. Few of the things which took place in this is puppeteers, snake charmers, moustaches competition, turban tying competition and many more things took place which basically highlights the rich culture of the colorful Rajasthan.

By taking a rajasthan tour you can see all the traditions and culture of this charming state at one place. The narration of heroic poems makes the atmosphere more mystical and vibrant. Most weird thing is the organising of camel polo in this fare and believe me it is worth watching. It is just full of fun, food and a country fair sort. As it is organised by the local governing body so extra care and full support is given to the tourists who comes to visit it.

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